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Compare our trainer’s credentials with any other trainer in Georgia and you will understand why we have retained him exclusively for group training our valued clients.   Here are some of the facts that make a the difference in our training and why we can get results for clients in the shortest possible time.

  • 35 Years Hands–On Experience Training Thousands of Dogs and Clients for all Behavioral Issues 
  • Trained in All International Methods by Top Dog Trainers and Behaviorists Around the World 
  • Consultant and Guest Lecturer for world famous Starmark Animal Behavioral Center 
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Published Canine Behaviorist 
  • Trained Dogs for Pet Owners, Institutions, Drug Detection, Search & Rescue, Obedience, Movies, Agility, Showing, Etc. 
  • Guest Speaker at 2014 & 2015 Petco National Conferences 
<h4>Carl Cappolino</h4>

Carl Cappolino

Ready for Class?

What You Can Expect To Learn About in Our Canine Fast Track Obedience Class

  • Learn Proper Techniques: Sit, Down, Heel, Place, Door Entry, Come, Greetings
  • Learn Why Proper Heeling & Leash Behavior Are Critical for Safety and Training
  • Establish a Foundation for a Lifetime of Continued Training
  • Understand the Impact, Process and Stages of Canine Behavioral Imprinting
  • Learn Correct Socialization, Confidence Building and Desensitization
  • Learn New Rules for Canine Behavior, Legal Liability Laws
  • Learn Protective, Defensive Handling Techniques
  • Prepare for Good Citizenship Certification 

Classes Available:  Fall 2016

October 8th-3 Week Fast Track Obedience Training 6:00-6:45

3 consecutive Saturdays-$150

Coming Soon.....Good Citizenship Certification Training

Call Today for Class Details. Reserve Your Spot!  Limited Availability

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Client Testimonials

To anyone fortunate enough to work with Carl Cappolino for breeding or training: We will absolutely retain Carl for training to get the next one off to a great start as well. I won’t trust anyone else training my dogs and would consider driving from Texas to Georgia for training or boarding if the need arises.

Doug McMahon, VP Canon Corp. Dallas, TX May 2015


My experience with Carl and Kathy has been nothing but extraordinary. The behaviorist techniques combined with articles, videos, and personalized tips he provided rounded out the learning process for Luna and I. The techniques he teaches are powerful and when I began practicing I saw progress immediately. He not only explained what we needed to do, but he included the theory and reasoning behind. He gave me the confidence to be the owner I needed to become.

Alicia Reifler Lawrenceville Georgia, May 2015

Learning from Carl was a wonderful experience that I would recommend for anyone, We had tried a cheap class at one of the pet store chains and it was ok, but you can really see the difference in a quality teacher. We learned more in a larger class of four weeks with Carl than we did in 6 weeks in a class with only one other dog. The thing that really impressed my was Carl's unlimited devotion to the class. He showed up early to help any one that needed extra work or had questions, and he would stay late after every class to do the same.

Amy & Chuck Reagin Suwanee, Georgia May 2015

Carl is an outstanding trainer! He helped me to tame a rambunctious puppy into one that heels off leash, comes on command, doesn’t bolt from the front door and stays calm near guests and strangers. He also went beyond behavior and safety training to bring out natural abilities for the breed. Carl Cappolino gets results. Carl is more than a training and behavior specialist for man’s best friend, he can teach you how to bring out your dog’s natural abilities.

Robin Painovich <> November 2014 Dripping Springs, Texas

Carl told me that after only 3 lessons I would see a huge difference in my dog’s behavior. I was skeptical, but after our very first lesson I was a believer! My Wheaton puppy, Winston, was quite a handful to handle, pulling me on walks, jumping on everyone he met and not listening to me at all. After only one lesson, he was walking by my side with no pulling and he would sit and stay when meeting new people. The difference was amazing!

It is obvious that Carl loves what he does and is passionate about his craft as he goes above and beyond! I highly recommend him!!

Melanie Hall June 2015 Suwanee GA 404-641-9386

From the very first session Carl provided us with a written plan of what we were going to be working on. My daughter had never been around dogs and was a bit apprehensive at first. I explained everything to Carl, letting him know what to expect. From the very first visit Carl explained the entire process step by step to my daughter. Immediately my daughter, Frankie and Carl bonded. From that point on it was magical to watch the three of them connect and work together. Carl loves his canine friends and takes the time to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Without a doubt we are sincerely to have found Carl. Carl will be our go to person from now on.

The Jenkins Family July 2015 Sugar Hill, Georgia

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when Claudia told me she had hired a dog trainer for Mogli. I told her I didn’t think anyone could help him with the barking and jumping. However, shortly after beginning our first lesson I realized your talent, or I should say gift, in dog training went far beyond my expectations. Seeing instant results within the first 30 minutes was amazing. In closing both Claudia and I would like to express our gratitude to you Carl for all that you have done to help us with our dog and especially the friendship that was formed between us. May God bless you and Kathy.

Ken and Claudia   July 2015 Buford, GA

We have 2 German Shepherds and always had trouble with the younger one Zorro because he was dominated by Zeus the older GSD. Zorro’s confidence was going down. He became increasingly nervous and Subdued. It was getting to a point where we felt sorry for bringing him into the family. It was only then we heard of Carl through a friend spoke to Carl and we were pleasantly surprised , when he spoke at length on how this can be overcome. From what Carl told us on phone we thought this was going to be a one to two month training session, something we felt apprehensive about. We then took Zorro to Carl and he said that this can be overcome in just 3 sessions. We are still wondering as to how Carl could do this in just 3 sessions.Carl has an excellent understanding of Dogs.

I would highly recommend Carl for anything to do with Dogs.

Sincerely -- Kumar Mark, Johns Creek, GA   August 2015

Carl is a thorough, knowledgeable and an extreme pleasure to work with. He trained my two year old Labrador to prepare for our upcoming baby. Now my dog walks directly beside me and a stroller. I owe all progress to Carl. His kind nature and clear directions has made out lives so much better. I would recommend his training to anyone.

Amber Zerzan Washington, DC July 2015

Carl has patience not only for the animals, but for the owners too. Peeta, (our rescue dog) learned to be more social, walk on a leash, come (when my husband called him) and let someone else handle him on a leash, other than Doug or I. Carl had known Peeta longer than we did and said that he has come a long way. He was obviously abused as a puppy and needed to learn to trust people. We have recommended Carl to people that we meet when they see how well behaved Peeta is. Thank you Carl for teaching us the techniques and ways to work with our dog in a positive way. (gotta do more baby talk!)

Jan and Doug Jones...............July 2015   Lawrenceville, GA

In summation, I thank God for Carl.   Due to his guidance, knowledge, and expertise we have the perfect fit for our family. Due to his gift of training we have a dog that at 16 weeks was better behaved than any dog we knew and continues to grow in obedience. Carl is responsive and concerned for our questions. Carl wants us to succeed.   Carl is a man of integrity, he is in it with us for the long run. We are so very very thankful that Carl Cappolino started this journey with us, is walking this journey with us, and will be by our side as long as we need him. There is no doubt in our minds that Carl Cappolino saved us from many inevitable pitfalls of unscrupulous breeding and training.

The Brodsky Family July 2015 Austin, Texas

To anyone who wants a well-mannered dog, I am writing this to express my sincere gratitude for Carl Cappolino. His extensive background and knowledge as a canine behavior specialist is unmatched. He was an angel sent straight from heaven to Georgia

Carl is first and foremost a Christian which is evident in his gentle, patient, honest nature. He is a pleasure to work with and just an all around great person to know! We are forever grateful for our "Angel," Carl Cappolino, and know all who has ever met or has had the honor of working with him and his precious wife, Kathy, ‎feels the same way.

Sincerely, Jamie Page and family, Duluth, Georgia, May 2015

When we arrived at the first training session, Carl already knew so much about Annie and knew right where to begin. His way of training is so successful, he taught us and we used the techniques to teach Annie. Leaving the first session we were pumped for the next visits with him. Annie was so confident leaving the session and already showing a huge improvement. No more trying and failing…we knew this was going to work and it DID! We completed our sessions with Carl leaving just as excited as the first time. We loved the way Carl used positive reinforcement and made Annie feel more confident (and US)!

Thank you so much Carl for helping our family!

Katie and Josh, June 2015 Suwanee, GA

I’d like to add that Carl is not the first dog training professional I’ve worked with. Unfortunately, I’ve paid a lot of money with highly accomplished trainers that love dogs, but do not feel the same way about people. My response to these trainers is to show anxiety (and a little anger) which my dog detects immediately. That is the opposite of my experience with Carl. He corrects my by complimenting my successes and asking me to do it again with a twist that eliminates the errors. I usually don’t know I’m being corrected, and as a results I don’t’ get anxious and neither does my dog.

Thanks to Carl my dog and I will have a lot of great experiences together in the years to come.

Jenny Ergle, June 2015 Cumming, Georgia 404-729-7090